It is almost impossible to resituate the sound of the serpent and its richness through an mp3 file. The following samples received a very few modifications and effects in an attempt of objectivity, except for the improvised part that was mixed in a more electro tone.
These samples are here only to give a sonorous image of my instruments ; nothing replaces well an acoustic hearing.
All the samples were played by Christophe Morisset on a 4-keys serpent. Distance to microphone : 19,7 inches.

Sample 1. Duo des “Huguenots” of Meyerbeer – 1840 – extracted from the method for serpent by Shiltz.
E minor tone played with keys.
Duo des Huguenots – Meyerbeer

Sample2. “Super flumina Babylonis” of Viadana – 1602 – extracted from the “Concerti ecclesiasticci”.
Originally written for bass voice, played here without the continuo and without keys.
Super flumina Babylonis – Viadana

Sample 3. Improvisation – 2013 – remixed by Sam Ribo.